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The Ultimate Chiropractic Center for the Entire Family

Dr. Jennifer shows how proper function of
the nervous system requires a healthy spine.
Spines should be checked from birth.

The peaceful, relaxed guest area at Finn Chiropractic Center will put everyone at ease. Families and guests will feel at home in this restful setting.

Children will feel welcome because we've created a place and a space for them before and after their chiropractic adjustment.

Our enthusiastic staff is pleased only when you're happy! We're available to help with your questions and scheduling. Everyone deserves special attention. Gentle adjustments ensure a healthy future for you and your children.

At Finn Chiropractic Center we offer weekly "Wellness Orientation Workshops" designed to educate our community. The workshops equip people with the necessary tools to create a sense of well-being and optimum health.

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